IBall Complaint Registration, Feedback Form, Service Escalation

09.08.2013 | Author: SCI-Editor | Posted in Complaint Registration
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IBall Complaint Registration:

IBall offers various means of escalation to help its customers get the right after sales service. If you are having service problems with your product, then you need to raise the complaint and have a service registration and in case if you have issues with the service done and also by the Customer Support Team, then you can also provide feedback to the management by using feedback form.

IBall Product Complaint Registration:

Customers may face any problem with the products taken from the company. In order to get your product serviced, you have to first register for a service. To register for the service of the product, you can call up the nearest  IBall Service Centres in India and get for the service booked in advance. Before taking your product for the service, customers have to notice for the IBall Product Warranty, and if the warranty exists, then service will be done under free of charges. If the Warranty period is expired, please note that customers have to apply for IBall AMC, and get the service done under AMC. You can also call the IBall Customer Care Number, for knowing the details regarding Warranty and AMC of your product.

IBall Service Escalation:

Customers can raise your complaints or give your feedback, if you are not satisfied with the service done by the service centre. You can give your service compliant through IBall Feedback Form and get the right services for the product and get the problem solved.

4 Responses to “IBall Complaint Registration, Feedback Form, Service Escalation”

  1. mohammad iqbal says:

    my i ball andi 3.5i red+black colour is very dangrous situation
    3rd time reparing within 3 month
    Past 1month it is pending for pcb change
    Very bad service

  2. sushil says:

    I ball makes the worst phones ever n gives the worst service. I request iball owner to stop making phones and start a new business………!

  3. sujithra says:


    I bought iball 3.5 andi mobile with in a month it got repaired i gave to service center twice it not resolved yet.poor service…worst one…

  4. Prakash Devale says:

    Ignore my earlier comment due to my incorrect email-id.
    This is a feedback which I hope you will consider seriously. I have submitted my i-ball 9702 slide tablet for repairing on 24/03/2014 at Pune service center and received the receipt also. They told me that they will me on 25/03/14 and tell the estimate. I waited for 3 days, but no call. Then I called them. First thing is that they don’t receive phone calls. After receiving my call on 27/03/14, they told me that they will call me by evening. I again waited for two days. Again when I called on 29/03/2014, the same answer from them. Till today I even haven’t received any call from them, then forget about repairing and servicing. If this is the treatment a customer receives, why will he again purchase any i-ball item and will not suggest the same to his friends and relatives. On 23/3/2014, two other people were telling me that they are continuously coming to that service center for 5th or 6th time and getting no response. It means that it is not happening with me alone but with others also. I thought I should report this to you. Please help me in getting back my tablet. I hope positive treatment from your side.
    My Customer Receipt Number is : 11401201361892529 Dated : 24/03/2014

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