Kingston India Warranty Check, Warranty Claims

Kingston India Warranty, Warranty Check, Warranty Claims details are provided for customers who are looking to enquire about Kingston Warranty in India. You can also check whether your product is eligible for warranty claims from the company. The company provides various ways through which warranty can be claimed.

Kingston India Warranty Period:

Value RAM, Hyper X, Retail Memory, Flash Memory Cards, Compact Flash, Multi Media Card, Smart Media, and Flash Adapters are covered with warranty for life of product. Following products are covered with various warranty periods and information about Duration of Warranty is given below:

    • USB Data Traveler Drives, SSD Now KC 100 are covered with warranty for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.
    • SSD Now S200/30 GB and SSD Now SMS200/30GB are covered with 3 years of warranty from date of purchase.
    • MobileLite Reader, microSD Reader are given 2 years of warranty.
    • MobileLite Wireless, Data Traveler Accessory Kit, Wi-Driver, TravelLite SD/MMC Reader and HyperX Fan are given with 1 year of warranty.

Kingston India Warranty Terms & Claims:

Below are the terms which are to be followed by customer during warranty of product for a service:

  • Company warrants original end user that products purchased from them are free from defects in material and workmanship.
  • You can get repair / replace option for any part of its product that proves to be defective by improper workmanship or materials.
  • Repaired or replaced products will be provided by company on an exchange basis which are new or recertified products.
  • All re-certified products are tested and ensured that they are functionally equal to new products.
  • If the problem is not rectified, it will refund you back.

To obtain warranty service, you have to return defective product to authorized dealer from where you purchased your product. While returning your product, you must include identification information, model number, serial number, and detailed description of the problem you are facing with product. You can also claim your product for service under warranty from your local Kingston Service Centres in India and get your product service done. For more details regarding warranty and claims, you can call Kingston Customer Care Number India and clarify all your doubts. Kingston also provides customers with Kingston Drivers Downloads through which you can download your product drivers to system

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