What is Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

What is Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) : Annual Maintenance Contract in short AMC is a service provided by companies to customers at a cost that helps keep their products in proper working condition after free product services offered by the company are completed. Annual maintenance contract signed between a customer and product manufacturer/ service centre allows regular check-ups and routine work to keep the performance and quality of the products in good condition every year.

Types of Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC ): Depending upon the product you own companies/service centres offer different types of AMC contracts, you can choose the contract based on your regular product usage requirement and the stress it undergoes. Listed below are the most common types of Annual Maintenance Contracts you would generally hear from the companies or service centres.

  • Comprehensive/Labour Annual maintenance Contract
  • Labour only Annual Maintenance Contract.
  • Labour +  Spare Parts to a fixed amount.
  • AMC with Rubber & Plastic Parts / AMC without Rubber & Plastic Parts.

Advantages of Registering for an AMC: 

  • Saves from unexpected Repairs and avoids cost for these repairs.
  • Round the Clock Service from Qualified Technicians.
  • Planned Services for your Products.
  • Genuine Spare Parts for high reliability.

How to Register for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC): Generally every product is provided with the warranty for fixed period of time after the product is purchased. Whenever warranty for the product expires, customers should call the Customer Care Number of the company, in order to buy AMC for their products for some more years which are charged by the company based on the type of AMC you select to buy from them.

Before calling the customer care, it is important to know the rules and regulations for accepting the AMC. If you want to register your product for AMC, customers should follow the terms and conditions given below:

  1. Acceptance of AMC depends on condition of the Machine Duration and generally the agreement will be one year from the date of receiving the product and this is done if the product does not have warranty from the company.
  2. Before accepting the contract, the customers are expected to check the product is in good condition.
  3. If the product which is covered under the plan may break down and in such cases the customer service people will be available for servicing or replacing the product at an extra cost.
  4. The agreement will be terminated in case of change of ownership or location of the machine.
  5. One month advance notice is given for the termination of the agreement by the company and the customers have to refund for the expired agreement.
  6. Mode of AMC payment can be Cheque or DD or any other source.

Each company operates its unique/customized AMC programs to its customers, In order to know more details regarding AMC services, you can call up the Toll Free Number or the Customer Care Number of that company and knows all the rules, plans, tariffs, coverage details etc.

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